Your Next Cosplaying Event Wonder Woman Might Be The Right Choice

Wonder Woman is perhaps one of the most popular fictional super heroines worldwide, who appeared in many comic books and television shows, embodying justice, peace, sexual equality and love. And let’s be honest, everyone loves Wonder Woman, as this character has appeared several times in cosplay contests, winning a great number of awards and prizes.

Create Your Very Own Wonder Woman Costume

If you take part in a cosplay contest, why don’t you choose to be a novel and unique appearance among the other anime characters around and double your chances of winning the competition? Choosing your very own Wonder Woman cosplay costume is surely a complicated task, but you will need only ambition and good understanding in order to obtain exactly the results you expect. We are here to provide you with a few useful guidelines that will help you craft the most incredible cosplay outfit you have ever seen – just make sure you have a few items handy and you are prepared to start!

Design Your Red Top Accordingly

Wonder Woman Cosplay

First things first, about Wonder Woman’s outfit is the red top with golden emblem. The most appropriate option you have in this regard is a regular strapless red shirt that can fit your torso perfectly and can enhance the aspect of your breasts. If you do not already own such a top, you will be able to find it in numerous stores, both online and high street, in return for an extensive range of prices, which will vary based on your possibilities.

Wonder Woman’s original outfit includes a golden emblem for the top of the red shirt. You will be able to find for a variety of models, given that this character has numerous outfits with differently-shaped emblems. We recommend you choosing a simple “w” pattern, which can be easily done using gold tape. If you are not completely satisfied with the results you obtain, add another “w” to your top – in other train of thoughts, a double “w” pattern for a more daring golden emblem.

Become Muscular With Airbrushing

Whether you want this or not, Wonder Woman herself is a very good-looking character, so approaching her look adequately is a must for. If you are lacking such “attributes”, we suggest you sticking to airbrushing or hiring a costuming artist who works very well with breasts or muscles “enhancing” – never forget that she is supposed to be a muscular super heroine, so these two options will help you make your costume more authentic.

Blue Shorts Or Blue Skirt?

Do you prefer a blue skirt or blue shorts? As you might already know, Wonder Woman has been seen wearing both skirt and shorts, so it is up to you to choose the most appropriate clothing item for you. Nevertheless, no matter what you choose, it should be pretty short and cover the upper to mid thigh. You have many options if choosing blue shorts: you can opt either for regular gym shorts or a simple pair of high-wasted boy shorts, whichever choice is more convenient for you and make you feel comfortable at the same time. You will need to decorate the shorts or skirt with white stars, which can be successfully cut from a white fabric or purchased from craft stores. Using special fabric glue, decorate your shirts or skirt with white stars – be generous and add many stars, each of them having about the same size.

Any Pair Of Boots Will Do This Job Well!

When it comes to your boots, well, things get easier here, mainly because you will surely be able to find a pair of red, to-the-knee boots that can fit your leg ideally. Another option you have in this regard is purchasing a regular pair of white boots from a second hand or other store and then coloring them using dye or spray paint. Using the same golden tape, decorate the tops of your boots with a reversed “v” pattern. Boots help bring your outfit together.

What About Your Accessories?

What about your accessories? Of course, the costume will never be complete without your accessories, so let’s start with the golden belt: if you already own such a belt, you can successfully attach it to your costume in order to enhance your character’s look and make it more realistic. If not, a very good option is taking any other belt and dying it using gold spray paint. Read about cosplay girls for more ideas.

Arm Bands Help You Deflect Bullets

The arm bands are the next thing to consider if you what to look your best. You have thick metallic bracelets, then they are an extraordinary way to create the arm bands. Glue a red star on each bracelet in order to enhance your wonder physical appearance and approach your character’s look in a better way. For the golden tiara, we suggest you purchasing a regular tiara and covering it with gold fabric or gold wrapping paper, so it looks more like Wonder Woman’s. Finish it by gluing a red star to its center.

Your Magic Lasso Matters!

You cannot be this awesome superhero without your magic lasso – a few meters of regular rope should work extremely fine in this regard and you can make it more realistic by spraying it with gold paint, tying a loop at the end of your lasso and hooking it to your belt. The lasso is iconic and a must for Wonder Woman.

Complete Your Costume With Adequate Hairstyle And Make-up

Of course, the costume itself is not the only part that matters and you will need an adequate hairstyle and make-up in order to complete your first place winning costume. We suggest you purchasing a wig, unless you are naturally dark-haired. Any black wig will do this job for you and the overall cost should not be very high or impossible for your budget. Another option you have is dying your hair using either permanent or semi-permanent dye (or hairspray) – this is a better choice, given that your hair is never predisposed to any risk and you will be able to gain your natural color back after you wash your hair once or twice.

Finally, you should apply a few cosmetics in order to enhance your character’s look – a simple, neutral eye shadow, a thin line of eye-liner, a coat of mascara and a red lipstick will be more than enough to flatter your Wonder Woman costume and make it more authentic.

Here are some ideas to help you get started.

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