Poison Ivy Cosplay

Everyone loves Batman comic books and Poison Ivy is surely one of the most popular female villains that have ever appeared within these series. Her mystifying look, poisonous kiss and exotic look are the best combination for any cosplay fan who takes part in different competitions, as this character has an original outfit that has great chances of winning cosplay contests, bringing novelty among common anime characters.

What Options Do I Have?

If you plan to dress like Poison Ivy, but you are not completely sure regarding how to proceed, we have a few suggestions that will help you create the most amazing superhero costume ever, which will make you a unique and original appearance among other cosplay fans. You will not be able to craft Ivy’s costume unless your sewing skills are advanced, so we recommend you sticking to purchasing a this or any costume from a reliable online store and adapting it to your preferences and needs. Read about cosplay girls for more ideas.

Buy Your Costume

A very good option in this regard is eBay, because ebay has many different costumes listings, which might vary from an aspect to another. If you want to make sure that the outfit has a good quality, we suggest you choosing Argos online store, because it will offer you more options and less expensive products, so you will obtain a great balance between value and price. For instance, you might spend only $29 for a Poison Ivy outfit that includes Ivy’s dress, green glovelets, headpiece and green boa – a good acquisition which will fit your budget perfectly.

Polyester Will Do A Better Job

Stick to polyester instead of other fabrics, because this one will resist a longer time and it will fit your body like a glove. The green dress should have three different layers: a transparent one, a glittery one and a green one, for a plus of originality. An adequate any costume be carefully, so we suggest you looking for different products and comparing them in order to decide which one is more appropriate for you.

Green Mesh Leggings For Originality

The green mesh leggings can be purchased from anywhere you want, including a large variety of online and high street retailers. Fortunately, the average price of this clothing item might not exceed $10, so your investment will be low and totally insignificant. Make sure that the leggings will match your body perfectly, without being too tight or too large, otherwise you will not feel comfortable during the contest. If you want to get the most original outfit, it is absolutely necessary to opt for quality mesh leggings, primarily because they can get easily damaged, making your investment useless and destroying your chances of winning the competition.

Two Ways To Become Poison Ivy

The green glovelets are not a necessary item for your costume, but you can add them to your outfit if you prefer. Most cos-playing costumes you will find online will include this item, so you will not have to look specifically for it. However, we have a better suggestion for you, especially if you wish a completely unique and authentic cosplay costume: airbrushing your body. This option will be appropriate because you will not need to spend your money on the mesh leggings and gloves and the final result will be more original. You can either purchase your very own airbrush or opt for colored spray instead, based on your preferences and, of course, possibilities.

Another option you might have when creating the green glovelets is purchasing white simple gloves and coloring them using special fabric dye. This will allow you to match your costume’s color exactly and, therefore, to improve your Poison Ivy getup. Pre-wet the gloves in hot water and sink them in a mixture of fabric dye prepared according to the instructions on the package; stir the gloves within the mixture continuously for 10-30 minutes, then rinse them with warm water and allow them to dry completely.

Simple Boots Will Fit Your Costume Perfectly!

Regarding the shoes for any cosplayer, it’s important you can pick both normal sandals and boots, depending on your preferences and personal perception of this controversial character. A pair of boots will do the job in a better way, so seek for a green model with a “v” pattern on top. If you cannot find green boots, purchase any other ones and color them using shoe dye or spray paint, whichever option seems more convenient for you. Of course, a pair of normal sandals will be a lower investment, so, if your budget is not that permissive, you can buy a simple pair of green sandals or color them if they are not already green.

Your Red-As-Fire Hairstyle Is Mandatory

You will never be Poison Ivy without your red-as-fire hair and flowers in your hair. As we have mentioned in many other cosplay guidelines, you can always choose either to buy a wig or dye your hair. The first option involves greater financial resources, but less effort when arranging it. You should be able to find specifically Ivy’s wig in stores like eBay or Cosplay House, but you can choose to purchase this item from many other stores that commercialize it. The second option involves dying your hair using either permanent or semi-permanent dye. Dying your hair permanently is not a good choice, mostly because you will predispose yourself to later hair loss and discoloration; opt for semi-permanent dye or hairspray instead, as you will be able to eliminate it after you wash your hair. The red hair is a must for for this character.

Apart from this, you should purchase a few leaves and flowers from a craft store and put them in your hair, so you can approach Ivy’s look in a better and more original way.

It Is All About Make-up…

Add a personal touch to your jaw dropping costume by applying a few make-up products. You can opt for numerous shade combinations, which include both red and green as the main colors. We suggest you to opt for red eye shadow, a black or brown eye-liner, one or two coats of mascara for volume and a green lipstick, so your costume can become complete. Poison Ivy is seen wearing red nail polish several times, so enhance your originality and increase your chances of winning the cosplay contest with this little retouch.

Here are some ideas to help you get started.

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