Misty is one of my favorites for the cosplayers

Who did not heard about Pokemon and who does not love Misty? If you plan to take part in a cosplay event, but you do not have ideas regarding the character you should become, Misty is surely a great choice in terms of originality and, if you want to bring your character to live, we will present you a few useful tips that will help you create the most attractive and realistic Misty costume ever.

Design Your Very Own Misty fantasy outfit

Let’s start at the beginning: the Misty attire itself. As you might already know, Misty is a popular character from the Pokemon anime, but she appeared several times in video games, as well as different manga series, including The Electric Tale of Pikachu and Ash & Pikachu. Misty is usually seen wearing a yellow shirt that reveals her belly, along with short jeans pants featuring red braces.

Once you are conducting cosplay and you think about dressing like Misty, the very first thing you should do is creating your own cosplaying outfit. How? It might be a little complicated if you are not experienced with sewing, but we strongly believe that imagination and ambition are the most important values when it comes to this matter. Make sure you have a yellow shirt, a pair of old, normal jeans, scissors, a needle and colorful thread handy and you are ready to design your very own, original costume.

In the first place, you have to create the yellow, belly-revealing shirt Misty wears all the time. It is an important part of Misty outfit. Make sure to cut it so it does not have any sleeves anymore, but only thin braces that can be barely seen when you wear it. Do not try to cut it perfectly, because you will not manage to obtain this performance unless you are experienced with this; do not worry, you are going to sew a hem for the shirt at the end anyway. After you cut it, it is important to make sure that both sides are almost equal and then start sewing the hem. You should measure the hemline firstly and it should not exceed 1 cm – the smaller it is, the better your shirt will look. You can use the basic sewing technique or you can opt for a sewing machine, if you have any. Use a light-colored thread, such as white or light yellow, for a plus of realism and originality.

After you finish this step, you need to cut the Misty cosplay shirt so it reveals your belly. This should not take you a very long time and we advise you not to cut a very large piece of the shirt from the beginning. You should put it on you first of all, then make a sign using a black pen or marker, so you will know how much to cut it. Try to follow the sign you have made as accurately as you can, then start sewing the hem of the shirt. Here is a tip for you: iron the shirt before proceeding to this step, because this will help you sew the shirt better and faster. Use the same sewing technique you used for the sleeves.

Create Your Misty Cosplay Short Jeans Pants

Your shirt is now done, so you need to design your short jeans pants now. This should not be a very difficult task, as long as you have a pair of scissors, thread and a needle handy. You can use whatever jeans you prefer, but we recommend you to opt for blue ones, so you can make your Misty cosplay costume more realistic. If you do not want to create your own short jeans pants, you can use a pair you already have, but make sure they have a high hem instead of a small one, otherwise you will not look like Misty. If, on the contrary, you prefer designing your own pants, you only have to cut a pair of long jeans as short as you can and sew them a high hem using the basic technique you have also used before. Usually, jeans fabric is thicker and you might prick a few time when sewing the hem, but do not give up, your outfit will surely be simply extraordinary.

You can purchase the braces from anywhere you want – opt for red ones, because this is the color included within Misty cosplay outfit. They should not be too pricey, but if you do not want to make a great investment, opt for the cheapest ones – after all, you are going to use them only during the cosplay contest and not to get support for your jeans or trousers, right?

Red-Orange Hair And A High Side Ponytail

Let’s talk about your hairstyle: as you might already know, Misty has red hair, which is actually presented as orange in the anime series. You have two major options in this regard and the first one is also the simplest one: you can purchase a red wig from a reliable online store, which will not cost you more than $10-$12. The other option you have is dying your hair: you can opt either for using permanent or semi-permanent dye, based on your preferences. This process will take you a few hours, but if you opt for a high-quality dye, the results will be simply stunning and your outfit will become extremely realistic. Whether you choose to purchase a wig or dye your hair, we advise you to combine two different dye colors, which should be strawberry blond and red-orange, so you can make sure that your hair color will be similar to Misty’s. Do not forget your high side ponytail, because this is one of the most representative aspects of your character’s look. It should be part of your Misty cosplay look.

Add A Personal Touch With Natural Make-up Techniques

Usually, Misty does not wear any make-up, but you can apply a few cosmetics in order to add a personal touch to your Misty gitup and make it more original. We recommend you to stick to a simple foundation that matches your skin tone perfectly, a neutral eye primer, an ivory or chocolate brown eye shadow, a thin line of brown or black eye-liner for both eyes and a pink blush for the cheekbones. Of course, you are free to choose whatever cosmetics you want, but do not try to make your make-up too visible.

Do Not Forget Your Pokemon!

Never forget that your Misty outfit will never be complete without your Pokemon and Bulbasaur will be the most appropriate choice in this regard. You can also add a Poké Ball in your pocket, for a plus of realism and originality. Your Misty cosplay attire is now completely done and you will definitely win the contest you take part in as long as you respect these easy guidelines!

Here are some ideas to help you get started.

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