Become Mad Moxxi At Your Next Cosplaying Competition

Mad Moxxi is surely a famous female villain character of the popular Borderlands 1 and 2 games, where her presence is always destructive, killing and totally unpleasant for other people around. However, numerous cosplay fans consider this character extraordinarily fascinating, purchasing their own Mad Moxxi costumes and creating the most innovative presentations, as well. Even though she is not as popular as other anime characters, Mad Moxxi is preferred mostly by cosplayers who take part in different contests, so they can create unique and spectacular costumes that can increase their chances of winning these competitions. Read about other popular female cosplay characters such as Poison Ivy and Cammy for more ideas.

If You Love Mad Moxxi This Is The Place To Be

Do you consider yourself a real fan of Mad Moxxi and you plan to cosplay her for a specific contest, we have a few useful guidelines for obtaining the best possible Mad Moxxi cosplay outfit and becoming a better cosplay appearance, too. You only need ambition and a good understanding in order to achieve success and become a reputable cosplayer, so simply follow our tips and the results will be stunning.

Purchase Your Own Mad Moxxi Outfit

As you might already know, Mad Moxxi is a character with a complex personality, having both qualities and faults – for instance, she might love killing other people, but she is caring and compassionate with her children or others close. First things first, you need an original Mad Moxxi cosplay costume – we suggest purchasing one from a reputable retailer, because her outfit is complicated and you will not be able to create it yourself unless you have exceptional sewing skills and imagination. We will present you a few ideas in this regard by the end of this article, so you can opt specifically for the option that suits your needs or preferences best.

What Does Mad Moxxi’s Outfit Include?

Mad Moxxi is seen wearing many outfits, but the red one is also the most popular, because this character is frequently wearing it. Note that both the red and purple costumes include the same features, having only different costumes, so it is up to you to choose the one you like most. In other train of thoughts, your Mad Moxxi attire should include a red jacket, black-and-white sleeves and collar, a red, topper-like hat, fingerless gloves, mesh leggings and to-the-knee black-and-white sock. As you might see, this costume is not that extremely difficult, but you will need a while in order to design it yourself.

We honestly recommend you to opt specifically for a Mad Moxxi cosplay costume that has detailed features of Mad Moxxi’s original outfit, so you can become a novel and interesting appearance in the contest. Never forget that the buttons of the jacket (no matter you choose the red or purple one) include colors like dirty yellow, dark cyan and purple, so make your choice wisely based on this aspect. If the other details of the costume seem a little weird, as if they were forcefully included within its crafting, stick to a more complex option – if you really want to be a good Mad Moxxi appearance, you will need to be original and very authentic.

You Need A Solid Financial Situation

Unfortunately, you should expect paying very high prices when purchasing Mad Moxxi cosplaying outfits, which will vary from $141.69 to $183.20 or even higher. You will need a solid financial situation in this regard, so creating the costume yourself might be a bright idea if you have ambition and a few necessary items. Here are some simple tips for designing your own original Mad Moxxi outfit.

Design Your Very Own Jacket

In the first place, you need to create the jacket: whether you opt for a red or purple one, you will have to make it look exactly like Mad Moxxi’s. As you can see, her outfit features a jacket that has ends like a side-free dress, having a similar look to a kimono. A good idea is requesting only the jacket from an already-manufactured Mad Moxxi Cosplaying costume or looking for a jacket that has similar details in an online store – both options are valuable, but you should stick to the most convenient one. The yellow hem is a must – we suggest you cutting a piece of yellow material and sewing it on both sides of the jacket, so it will look more original. The hem should not exceed 1 cm, so try to cut the material within 2 cm, so it fits the jacket perfectly.

Sew The Colorful Buttons

Next, you will have to sew the colorful buttons of the jacket – buy a few buttons with different sizes and colors and start sewing them exactly like Mad Moxxi’s original outfit. It will be better if you choose colors like dirty yellow, cyan and brown, for a plus of authenticity and originality. A simple button-sewing technique will be the most appropriate option for your needs unless you have better sewing skills and you are experienced with other techniques.

Black-And-White Collar And Sleeves For A Plus Of Originality

Creating the black-and-white collar and sleeves will be easy if you have a piece of such-patterned fabric handy. You will only need to cut it so it fits your sleeves and collar adequately and sew them to your jacket using the basic sewing technique. If you prefer, you can stick to fabric glue, because it will not involve a great effort and the result can be very impressive actually. These details are important to the Mad Moxxi cosplay costumes look.

Topper-like Hat With Black-And-White Applications

In order to design the hat, you should only get a topper-like hat and have a piece of black-and-white fabric handy. Just cut the fabric within 1 cm and glue it to the hat using the fabric glue. Sewing is a more complicated task in this regard, but you can always stick to it if your skills allow you to obtain the results you expect.

Easy-To-Buy Sock, Belt and Mesh Leggings

The black-and-white sock, the brown belt and the mesh leggings will be simply to purchase from a large variety of online retailers. The prices will range from $10 to even higher, but if your budget does not allow you such investments, opting for cheaper options will be better for your needs. In addition, you can cut the fingers of any black pair of gloves you have in order for your Mad Moxxi cosplay costume to approach this character’s original outfit.

Complete Your Outfit With An Adequate Make-up And Suitable Hairstyle

Your Mad Moxxi gear look will never be complete without the adequate make-up. You will need to opt for a smokey eye technique that involves pink eye shadow and black eye-liner, as well as false eyelashes, pink blush and red lipstick with black contour. Do not forget about your turquoise-green lenses and complete your Mad Moxxi outfit with a straight short hairstyle with curly endings.

Here are some ideas to help you get started.

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