How To Start Cosplaying Become Link For A Day

Let’s be honest, who does not love The Legend of Zelda? And who does not like Link, the most fascinating character from this popular video game? Many cosplayers from all over the world definitely do and for this reason, they choose to create their very own Link outfits and make the most amazing presentations, which feature incredible theatrical representations that have won numerous cosplay contests.

A Realistic Costume And Adequate Presentation Will Be The Winning Pair

Do you consider yourself a real Link fan? Then why don’t you opt for cosplaying him instead of any other anime or video game character? Primarily, Link is not as popular as other characters and, therefore, your chances of winning the cosplay competition will be much higher. Plus, if you include an appropriate presentation and wear a realistic costume, you will certainly win any cosplay competition you take part in and become the most original appearance among other cosplay fans.

Create Your Very Own Link Costume

How do you create your own Link cosplaying costume? It is very simple, especially if you have a few dollars handy and ambition – believe us, you need only a few essential sewing techniques and adequate fabrics and your Link outfit will be more than amazing. Your surely have a pair of white trousers and a green shirt in your wardrobe, but if you do not, purchasing them will not be very difficult indeed.

Start At The Beginning: The White Shirt Underneath The Green One

First things first, your white shirt underneath the green one – fortunately, you are free to choose any shirt you want as long as it has a high collar, as Link’s original outfit does. It can be a regular t-shirt if you prefer, but make sure it has a high collar, so your costume will be authentic. We suggest you choosing a long shirt/t-shirt, because it is supposed to be longer than the green shirt, as you can observe from Link’s outfit. A simple shirt will do this job perfectly, so your overall expenses will not be that high, no matter what your budget is. If white is not one of your favorite colors, then a brown shirt will surely be appropriate for your needs and you can opt for a long-sleeved, cotton shirt, if you like.

Purchase A Green Shirt And Adapt It To Your Zelda Costume

The green shirt is the next thing to consider. You can opt for whatever green shirt you might have, but avoid synthetic materials and stick to regular, cotton or silk fabrics, for a plus of comfort and originality. Most Zelda outfits you can find in stores like eBay feature silken green shirts, so this option will be more appropriate for your needs. In addition, you will never have to worry regarding creasing the shirt, especially if you make sure to iron it before wearing it.

It Is All About To-The-Elbow Brown Fingerless

Your Link cosplay outfit needs the popular brown, faux leather, to-the-elbow and fingerless gloves, which can be successfully purchased from many retailers, both online and high street. You do not have to look specifically for Link’s gloves, as you will find similar items in other stores, so do not be very preoccupied about this aspect. In addition, you can request only the gloves from an already-designed cosplay costume, but remember that you can always choose to wear your mother’s faux leather brown gloves and cut their fingers if your budget does not allow you investing your money in such clothing items. This is a practical solution for most cosplayers, so do not hesitate using it if necessary.

What about your white trousers? This is perhaps the easiest part of creating your Zelda costume, because you will only have to purchase the trousers that match your size perfectly. You should choose cotton sport trousers, because they will offer you complete flexibility and support during the cosplay contest presentation. We recommend you opting for trousers that are larger than your normal size, because not even Link’s trousers fit his body perfectly – and you want to be a better Link cosplayer, right?

Your To-The-Knee Brown Boots Matter!

Your to-the-knee boots can be purchased from anywhere and eBay is just one of the many options you have. The regular price of these boots will vary at a great deal, from $25 to $69 and even higher, but you are always free to choose the value that is most convenient for you and your possibilities. Of course, any pair of brown to-the-knee boots will be appropriate for your Link Cosplaying costume, so just stick to the option you prefer most.

Do Not Forget Your Sword And Belts!

Do not forget your belts with pockets and sword – you cannot be Link as long as you do not include these items within your costume. The most suitable option for you in this regard is looking for them in various stores, which offer affordable prices that will fit your budget perfectly. The price range is varied, starting from $17.98 to $49.00 and higher – not impossible to purchase, but still a pretty significant investment. Here is a tip for you: look for different eBay coupon codes, add to cart the items your need for your Link apparel and proceed to the cashout, so the final expenses will be lower.

Be A Real Elf!

Your outfit is never complete without your elf hat and ears. Each of these items can be bought individually from a large range of online stores, it is up to you to choose the option that suits your needs best. Any elf hat will be appropriate as long as it is green and fortunately, the ears will cost you low amounts of money, which might not exceed $5.

Complete Your Link Outfit With The Proper Hairstyle

Of course, your outfit needs to be finished using the proper hairstyle. For boys, we suggest purchasing a yellow wig which can be arrange similarly to Link’s hair – a perfect middle parting will be enough for you to look exactly like this character. In case of The Legend of Zelda fangirls, you have two major options: the first one has just been mentioned, being the one featuring the wig; the second one is simple and does not require a very high effort: you can dye your hair using either permanent or semi-permanent dye. A good choice is using semi-permanent color hairspray, which will last for a short time and will be successfully removed after washing your hair. Not only that you will not endanger your hair’s health, but you will also manage to obtain a stunning Link apparel that will surely win the cosplay contest!

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