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Famous singer, beautiful and enchanting woman – Jessica Rabbit is surely one of the hottest and most popular female characters from the animated scene. And let’s be honest, who would not love her? Given that the Who Framed Roger Rabbit is not as famous as other anime series or video games, cosplaying Jessica Rabbit represents an excellent way to double your chances of winning a contest and becoming a novel appearance among other characters.

It Is Not That Difficult!

Getting your very own dress up the desire cosplay will not be very difficult – you can either purchase or craft it, both options being appropriate for your needs and preferences. We are here to help you become a better cosplayer, so just follow our simple guidelines and your outfit will become more than extraordinary.

Purchasing Your First Costume Requires Some Money But Not Much

Let’s start talking about purchasing your Jessica costume. this outfit is not too big of an investment, but most stores will nit sell you a complete costume. For instance, you will buy only the dress in return for only $28.99m the gloves for $15.89 and the wig for $9.99 – in other train of thoughts, you might end up spending great amounts of money and given that you will also need a pair of shoes, you can add another $30 to your overall expenses.

Craft It Yourself!

Creating your very own first place winning costume constitutes a better option in terms of money and you will also have the satisfaction of crafting it yourself. You will only need a few items, spare time and imagination and the final result you will manage to obtain will be spectacular.

Your Dress, The Most Significant Aspect Of Your This Getup

In the first place, your red, glittery dress should be the first aspect to consider when crafting your costume. Any red, strapless dress will be appropriate, as long as it is long and it fits your body like a glove. If you do not already own such a dress, then you have two major options: you can purchase a normal dress without straps or you can seek specifically Jessica Rabbit’s dress (as mentioned before, most stores sell it individually). You will not have to spend more than $30 on this dress, but you need to make sure that it dresses your body perfectly. Never forget that this character’s original outfit has a specific pattern on the left side, which reveals her beautiful leg while she is singing. Ideally, you should cut your dress starting from your mid-thigh, starting with a “v” model at the top and enlarging the opening more and more as you go down.

Sequins For A Plus Of Glitter

We suggest you to choose a dress that includes sequins in its crafting, because her dress glistens every time the light hits it. If you cannot find the right dress or your budget does not allow you to purchase it, you are free to get red or silver sequins from a local craft store and start sewing them to your dress. Do not worry, you will not have to add them to the entire dress – sew them from place to place using a simple sewing technique that will not require any advanced knowledge or skills. The red dress is iconic and a must for this costume in particular.

Your Elbow-High Gloves Matter!

Next, your gloves are the second most important part of your outfit. You can find numerous stores that sell gloves individually for only $3.39 or even less, but you should consider purchasing only satin gloves, in colors like purple or black. You can always look for other to-the-elbow gloves to purchase from different retailers, but it is up to you to choose the most convenient option for your needs. Satin is a better material because it is somehow glittery, flattering the overall aspect of your dress. However, if you prefer an inexpensive solution, you can purchase a pair of white elbow-high gloves and color them using fabric dye.

It Is Always About Shoes

What about your shoes? A simple pair of red heels will be enough to complete this. Fortunately, you do not need to purchase the heels from expensive stores as long as you can find a suitable alternative in a second hand store. Just make sure their look is nearly appropriate, but if it does not, you can retouch it using red spray paint or dye. This aspect is very important, because your heels will be visible to people around you, so they should be perfect!

Do Your Hair!

So you are done with the outfit; let’s start doing your hair. We would not recommend you a wig when cosplaying her, because it will make you look false and the authenticity of your costume will fade away. Consider dying your hair using semi-permanent dye or hairspray – this process is pretty simple and it will not take you more than thirty minutes. Wash your hair, let it dry completely, then brush it twice; prepare the semi-permanent red dye as instructed on the package and apply the mixture to your hair, distributing it evenly in thick amounts on the entire area. You need to allow the dye to work according to the instructions on the package – it might be fifteen, thirty minutes or even one hour, but you should be careful and respect the instructions accurately. After that, just rinse the dye and dry your hair, then comb or brush it and… your red-as-fire hair is perfectly done!

Finish Your Look With An Adequate Make-up

Your make-up look is the final part you need to take care of. We suggest you to enhance your lips more than other face parts and try to make your look as realistic as you can. Use primer or foundation in order to conceal your eyebrows completely, because you are going to re-draw them later to look exactly like Jessica’s. Using a black eye-liner, start drawing a curvy line, which is similar to this character’s and add a wing at the end of your eyes, like a “lash” effect. Elongate your eyes by applying a very thin line of the same black eye-liner to the inner corner of your eyes, which will exceed its normal size with half a centimeter. For the eye make-up, combine a lighter and darker shade of purple, blending them adequately; re-draw your eyebrows using a brown eye pencil and adding only a small arch to them. Apply an intense pink lipstick for a finish the outfit and the look.

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Here are some ideas to help you get started.

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