Japanese toys and increasing popularity

The toy market worldwide is no doubt flooded with Japanese toys. The toys dominate the list of modern toys that are very popular. So of the most popular modern toys include, Power Rangers action figures, Pokémon trading cards, the game consoles, Tamagotchi virtual pet and many others. These toys are not only bestselling toys in Japan but they also dominate the markets in the United States and all around the world.

How these Toys Came About

Most of these toys are based on most anime shows. Anime shows are simply shows that depict Japanese animation but have a storyline that is based on Japanese culture. From these shows you can see how Japanese culture is portrayed. Most of the shows include mystical creatures, normal mortals with extraordinary powers and superheroes who fight to maintain their honor and face in society. Some of the most popular Japanese toys around the world are as follows

The Character Action Figures

Japanese toys and increasing popularity

Dragonball Z, Gundam Wing, Sailor Moon, Digimon, Pokemon and many others are just a few shows whose popular characters have inspired the creation of their toys for their fans. The history of the current Japanese action figures goes back into the 1960s when the very popular and much adored superhero Ultraman made an appearance on a television show. When the Ultraman toys were created, that opened a large market for exporting all the famous action figures all around the word and especially to the united states where the legion of anime fans kids and adults alike were eager to spend money on them.

Avid collectors couldn’t wait to get their hands on the latest action figure toys. These action figures and the shows especially, have influenced a lot of cultures worldwide. Many owners of these toys try to be like the characters of the anime shows. They emulate them of course in the modern concept by doing good and fighting evil, because that is the basis of those shows anyway. Children grow up with an understanding of there being good and evil and often end up choosing the side that appeals most to them.

The Game Consoles

Japan is no doubt the market leader when it comes to video game production. Every hardware, technology and every game application created is always first released in Japan. Japan boasts being the home to several major video game companies such as Sega, Nintendo and of course Sony. Some of these companies have been around from way back in 1889 which explains their influence on Japan’s pop culture which has spread its wing to the United States too. The gaming industry has changed a lot thanks to the input by Japanese innovators. The games obviously depict Japanese characters from the anime shows which are quite influential to the players.

Hello Kitty

Hello kitty character portrait

Not many understand the fuss behind Hello Kitty toys and what the character is all about. Just like Pokémon and the other famous cartoon characters Hello Kitty’s origin is in Japan. Hello Kitty is a big hit in Japan compared to the US thanks to her role in the Sanrio family cartoon. Not only are Hello Kitty toys selling like hot cake around the world but most merchandise are also branded with her image and sell highly too. Children with Hello Kitty toys want to be associated with her and they might even behave just like that character.

Japanese toys and continuing the influence

Japanese toys continue to influence many buyers and this is not without reasons. First the buyers identify with the toys because they have watched the shows. They feel a connection with the characters which is why they buy the toys in the first place. The toys are also of great quality and look exactly like the characters they are trying to depict. Most of them are also long-lasting and can withstand any onslaught from kids during playtime.

It is not unusual to see a toy being passed from one generation to the next because the Japanese anime shows are usually timeless and the characters are usually immortalized. A father who watched the show 20 years ago might still find it entertaining 20 years later and his child might also feel the same way. This might influence the father to buy the exact same toy they would have bought back then.

the world and Japanese toys

Japanese toys will always be a huge part of children’s play in most parts of the world and not only in Japan. The toys have been in existence for many years through the anime shows and Japan only recognized the need to have them produced for loyal fans worldwide.


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