How To Come Up With Your Next Cosplay Ideas

If you are new to the realm of cosplay you should know that the options are endless. There is a myriad of pop culture characters you can choose to dress up as. Anime and manga characters, comic book characters, and video game characters are the some of the most popular, but it doesn’t end there. Here are some ideas to get you started. There are two important tips you need to consider before you start to cosplay. Number one for these cosplaying ideas is your budget and number two is the amount of time you have. If you have lots of time and money, you can have a more elaborate costume.

First Up Is Anime And Manga

This is the genre that’s probably the most popular with cosplayers. Anime conventions almost always have competitions for cosplayers to compete in. If you want to dress up as an anime character you should probably be a fan of the anime to start. If you are a fan of the anime or manga, you will not only be able to dress up like the character, but act like the character as well. Some simple cosplay ideas for men when it comes to Anime are Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece and Lupin the Third. For Monkey D. Luffy you really only need a pair of jean shorts, a straw hat, a red vest and a pair of flip flops. For Lupin the Third all you need is a red or green blazer and a yellow tie. For girls, Bulla from Dragon Ball Z is a fairly easy cosplay idea. A red skirt and tank top along with a turquoise wig are really all that are required. For a more elaborate cosplay concepts, try any character from Sailor Moon or Misty from Pokemon.

If you’re making your own Sailor Moon costume you likely have to do a lot of sewing. A complex cosplay idea for men in the anime genre is any mech from Gundam Wing or Neo Genesis Evangelion. Of course, girls could dress up in a costume like this too. For a suit like this you will require hundreds of hours of preparation time and knowledge of a concept called pepakura. Pepakura is also known as paper craft, and this is how you can create the illusion of your suit being made of metal. You could make your suit out of actual metal, but walking around the convention floor in over 50 pounds of material is never a good idea. You can design your pepakura suit with various software programs available on the web.

Superheroes And Villains designs

When it comes to superheroes, you have just as many options available to you. There are literally thousands of superheroes and villains you could dress up in costume as. You can choose a marvel or DC character, or even a character from a third party publisher. The genre of comic book characters has proven to be popular to crossplayers. It’s not uncommon to see a girl dressed up as Captain America. Loki, Thor, Deadpool or the Joker. Steampunk lends itself well to comic book characters, too. Steampunk Batman or steampunk Iron man are popular choices. The Riddler is a fairly easy cosplay idea for men. For a Riddler costume all you need is a green suit and moderate sewing skills to add some questions marks. You can add as many or as few question marks as you like. Complex design include Iron Man, Dr. Doom, Galactus or Hellboy. For these costumes you will need to know pepakura or be a good makeup artist.

DC comics super heroine Power Girl or Rogue from the X-men are characters you can pull off fairly easily with a few beginner sewing lessons. A character like Mystique from the Brotherhood of Evil mutants will require a lot of makeup and may prove more challenging – especially if you go with the movie version. For the truly expert female cosplayers, a character like Faora from the recent Man of Steel film may be the way to go.

Video Game Characters Cosplay Ideas

Video game characters are also a popular choice for cosplayers. There are many ideas for innovative costumes here as well. However, this genre can often prove to be the most challenging of all the different types of cosplay. Oftentimes costumes like these work best with some sort of prop you will have to create like a sword or a gun. For almost any Final Fantasy character you will require a prop that take as much time or more to build than the costume itself. Tomb Raider is always a good, simple choice for a female cosplayer that is into video games. For a Tomb Raider costume you will need a green tank top and a pair of khaki shorts. If you are going as Tomb Raider from the most recent video game reboot then that costume is even simpler – you can get away with a bow and arrow instead of a plethora of weapons. Bayonetta is proving to be choice that’s increasing in popularity quickly. However, this costume can be quite a challenging. The costume itself may be simple, but the hair styling and prop making required can be very time consuming.

A grate concept for male video game costumes are plentiful as well. If you’re willing to shave you head, the titular character from the Hitman video game series is extremely easy to pull off. All you really need for a Hitman costume is a suit and a gun. Any character from Call of Duty or Battlefield is easy as well – a quick trip to any army supply store and you should be covered.A bit More challenging how about Big Daddy from the Bioshock series, Master Chief from Halo, or any character from Gears of War. As you can see there are plenty of cosplay ideas out there. Your choices are endless when it comes to choosing a character. Here’s one final tip: consider dressing up as a group. Going to a convention with your friends dressed as the Avengers, the Justice League, the team from Halo, or everyone from Fullmetal Alchemist can be quite rewarding.

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