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You have surely heard about Hetalia: Axis Powers, the Japanese webcomic, which was later adapted to anime and manga series. There are so many characters you can cosplay at different contests, each of them offering you many options and possibilities in terms of physical appearance. And, if you want to be a unique presence among the other cosplay fans, Hetalia will surely be an excellent way to impress people around you and win any Cosplaying contest you can take part in.

Who Should I Choose Form The Long List Of Hetalia Characters ?

Do you like Japan? Or maybe you are a fan of Germany. Or maybe England. This anime/manga series will offer you the opportunity to become exactly the country/nation you like most. Each character wears an outfit that is specific to the country he represents and, therefore, you have the unique chance to get a unique look that will fascinate everyone around you.

It is up to you to decide which character you should be, but we will help you with a few simple guidelines that will provide you with the possibility to design your very own Hetalia outfit and become a better cosplayer as well. Just make sure you have a few dollars handy and a sewing kit and you will manage to design the best possible costume ever.

We suggest you to opt for one of the major nations from all over the world: to be more exactly, Russia, England, China, America and France. Each of these characters will be more than appropriate for Hetalia cosplay if you are in love with one of these countries and you will actually need to choose the outfit that will flatter your preferences and will match your personality perfectly.

Be A Real Russian!

Let’s start with the Russian character: an ivory, thick coat, a white neckcloth, a pair of grey gloves and boots – these are the most important clothing pieces that describe this character’s outfit. The best part of this Hetalia ensemble is that you will be able to combine the items you already own in your wardrobe or buy them separately in order to create the proper outfit. Your mother or father surely has such a coat or grey gloves, your sister surely has a white neckcloth and your wardrobe definitely contains a pair of grey boots. Of course, you can always opt for purchasing the entire outfit in return for approximately $67.00, so your investment will not be that high, given that you will receive all the items you need in order to create an excellent cosplay costume.

Be Sophisticated – Be An English

Maybe you prefer being the English character: a green solider uniform, linden green trousers, a pair of grey boots, a belt and a pair of black gloves – you only need these items in order to create the most amazing Hetalia outfit and let’s be honest, you surely own them already, but if not, there are many stores that will offer you the opportunity to purchase them. We suggest you to seek specifically for this character’s complete costume or, at least, his uniform and add the other items (gloves, boots and belt) separately. This will be a good option to save money and make your outfit more original than ever before.

The American Character: Justice And Peace

The American soldier is perhaps the most fascinating Hetalia character, given that his outfit includes more items and he looks professional. Get a pair of ivory trousers, a military jacket, a black belt, a brown coat and a pair of glasses for a complete and extraordinary outfit. A good option is looking for the items in stores like eBay or even high street stores, which will offer you the great possibility to sample them in order to decide whether they fit your body perfectly or not. In addition, the white shirt and brown tie should never miss from your American character, as this Hetalia outfit wears them underneath the military green jacket.

Be An Authentic Chinese Warrior

Be a real Chinese warrior and enhance your costume appearance with this character’s original outfit. It will be pretty difficult to craft it by your own, so it is better to seek it in various online stores or specialized cosplay “fashion” houses, which commercialize them in several sizes and colors. The white bandages that go from your knee to your ankle should never miss from your outfit, because they are a representative symbol of your native country – China. For a plus of authenticity, we recommend you purchasing a black wig and arrange it exactly like Chinese characters: pull it together and create a pigtail that will fall on your back. Here is a useful tip for you: a regular pair of black boots will be more than appropriate for your costume, so you can always choose to buy it from a second hand store and dye it using spray paint.

Show Your Romantic Side – Be A Real French

Last but not least, the French character, which is also the most romantic one. You will only need to purchase the blue military jacket from an online store, because it is representative or the Napoleonic period, when most soldiers were dresses similarly. Any pair of red trousers will be suitable, but you should make sure that you opt for a larger alternative, as this character’s trousers do not fit his body perfectly. A pair of brown to-the-knee boots with a “v” model on top will be more than appropriate for you and you can find it in all the possible stores, ranging from online to high street ones and even some shoe boutiques. The black gloves should not miss from your Hetalia cosplaying costume and make sure you have a red rose in your hand, to enchant the women from the cosplay contest with your French charm!

Do Not Forget Your Presentation!

As you can easily observe, these characters have simple outfits that reflect their countries/nations extremely well. There are numerous military shops that will offer you the opportunity to purchase such clothing items in return for prices that will not exceed $50, so your investment will be both valuable and qualitative. Along with a suitable Hetalia trick out presentation, your chances of winning the cosplay contest will double and you will manage to be the most impressive presence among all the other cosplay fans.

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Here are some ideas to help you get started.

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