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Everyone loves Marvel’s Deadpool and honestly, who wouldn’t? Even the most reputable cosplayers from all over the world have chosen this character in order to take part in various contests and win them. Surprisingly, Deadpool is extremely appreciated by a large number of Marvel fans, considering him one of the greatest “heroes” that have ever appeared within these comic books and, apparently, this character is often transformed into unique Deadpool cosplay costumes.

Purchase Your Very Own Deadpool Trick Out Git-up

If you plan to live as Deadpool for a day, you have two major options in this regard: the first and also the simplest one is purchasing a costume from an online retailer (note that there are only a few retailers that will offer you the opportunity to buy the costumes from a high street store, so do not waste your time trying to find one in your area – your search will not bring you any result). However, since Deadpool himself has a complicated costume, you might need to consider all the possibilities you have extremely well, primarily because not all the retailers will offer you exactly what you want. We understand how important this is for you, so we are here to help you choose the best costume ever – just follow a few simple guidelines and your chances of winning the contest will double.

Stick To Lycra Deadpool Costumes Instead of Spandex

In the first place, we recommend you to avoid simple spandex Deadpool outfit, because they will not help you get Deadpool’s look. Even though most super heroes presented by Marvel wear costumes that are made specifically of spandex, lycra will be a better option because of many reasons, but mainly because it will dress your body in a better way, enhancing your physical features and improving your aspect. Lycra is a fabric that will provide you with exceptional elasticity, which is a plus for every super hero – so instead of looking for spandex, stick to lycra.

Do Not Forget Your Muscles!

A very important aspect to consider is your “muscles” – as you might already know, Deadpool is an extremely muscular character, so you will need some serious help in this regard, especially if your body is thinner or you do not have any muscles. Most Deadpool costumes do not include any muscle packs within their construction, but if they do, their look is totally unpleasant, revealing their falsity. Purchasing an adequate costume that includes this feature will demand you greater amounts of money, so we recommend you a simple, yet very effective technique: airbrushing. This tactic is a better option in terms of financial investment, because you will only need to accentuate your “muscles” using the colors included in your costume. Based on the company you opt for, the cost of the airbrushing might be lower or higher, featuring prices that may or may not be fitted for your budget. Nevertheless, we also recommend you choosing costuming artists that specialize in muscle shaded lycra, which will allow you to get Deadpool’s look in a way that will seem totally natural.

Add Your Own Weapons To The Your Costume

Unfortunately, most Deadpool cosplaying costumes do not look the way you want, as they are simple pieces of material that are colored based on this character’s original outfit. In other words, you will surely need to add your own accessories and weapons to your costume, meaning that your overall expenses will become even higher. The good side of this problem is that you can diversify your costume and add many other weapons to it, apart from the two swords. For instance, we recommend you opting for different grenades, red-and-white gloves, as well as a gun and many others. You might need specific support in order to include all of these items within your Deadpool outfit, so take into account purchasing a few braces and a belt, so you can hang them on it.

Be Deadpool Woman!

A very interesting fact about Marvel’s comics is that Deadpool does not work alone, but with Deadpool woman, who looks and acts exactly like he does. So, if you are a real fangirl of these comic books, why don’t you bring some novelty to your Deadpool cosplay presentation and dress like Deadpool woman? We have a few useful tips that will help you get the most amazing costume ever!

Adapt A Regular Deadpool Costume To Your Body

First of all, you should know that there are no Deadpool female costumes available on the online market, so in another train of thoughts, you need to purchase a costume and adapt it to your body. This will not be complicated as long as you opt for a simple costume that features your size (at least approximately), without any other details included. It will be pretty simple to make a few changes to it so your look will become more original – you only have to add your own black-and-red gloves, the weapons and an appropriate mask, if you consider it necessary. You are free to complete your outfit without the mask and do things exactly like Jessica Nigri, one of the most famous cosplayers from all over the world. She opted only for the basics, along with the most suitable attitude and a great gun to hold in her hand.

Bring Novelty To Your Costume Using A Few Cosmetics

For a plus of originality, apply a few cosmetics to your face, but not too many – a simple foundation that will match your skin tone, a smokey eyes make-up style, a low quantity of mascara applied to your eye lashes, a lipstick colored in a neutral shade and a chocolate brown blush will be exactly what you need for your Deadpool female costume. In addition, you can use airbrushing or a reputable costuming artist in order to get this character’s prominent chest and, of course, muscles.

Presentation Is Essential

Make sure you create an appropriate Deadpool cos-playing presentation for the cosplay contest – never forget that this aspect is very relevant to your chances of winning, so you need to opt for an excellent soundtrack and choose a few gestures and actions that are specific to your character (no matter it is about Deadpool female or Deadpool himself). This character is not as popular as other anime cosplay characters, so you will have higher chances of winning automatically. See Anime Cosplay, and Hetalia Cosplay for more ideas.

Here are some ideas to help you get started.

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