How To Create A Jack Sparrow Cosplay Costume

Jack Sparrow cosplay is easier to pull off than you might think. To be completely authentic may cost a bit of money or creative thinking but is well worth the effort for a stunning final result. Before we get started, if you don’t want to create this costume from scratch here is a website that has a Jack Sparrow costume ready to go.


Every great costume begins with clothes. If you want to do a Jack Sparrow cosplay you have to look the part. His woven coat is has pleated tails and slit cuffs that are a bit oversized. It is made of black rafia weave with 8 aged brass domed buttons. This is a tall order: it may be difficult to find the exact coat in a store. Fortunately there are other ways to get it. If you are crafty, the costume wiki page for Jack Sparrow has directions for making his coat and every other article of clothing he wears. They have tips for all accessories too. For instance, the website made the Johnny Depp’s boots for the second and third films and you can buy exact replicas on their website.


Jack Sparrow has dreadlocks. Some people choose to settle for plaits or braids but it does not have the same look. If you do not want to commit to the hairstyle there are other alternative looks. You can try wearing a dreadlocks wig and a curly, ratty wig at the same time. The required red bandana will help keep the wigs in place. Adding beads and brown cloth to it completes the look.

Grow A Beard

That is, if you do not already have one. It can take two to three weeks to grow the beard you need to pull of an authentic Jack Sparrow cosplay. When you begin growing it, keep in mind your work schedule. If you work Monday through Friday you should start growing it on a Thursday so that you have the scruffy hobo look throughout the weekend and are able to look professional again by work on Monday.


A Jack Sparrow Cosplay will require a lot of accessories. There is not a way around that but there is an affordable way to do it. Claire’s is a gold mine for odd jewelry that you can either use right away or modify to make the exact piece you want. They stopped selling the gold piece that Sparrow wears around his neck but you can find them and other costume pieces online. Such as the musket and sword you will need. The fabric store will be your best friend during your impersonation creation. Not only will you need yards of fabric for the clothes but you can get scraps for your hair, the sash to wear around your waist, and the bits of cloth that the pirate has tied around his hands.

Filling in The Details

There are a couple things about a Jack Sparrow cosplay that people have trouble with. One is the Caribbean look. Most of us do not have the dark, exotic skin that comes with sailing under the hot Caribbean sun. For the rest of us, there is fake tan. You can buy it out of a bottle and it may take dedication to your look but if you want authentic, it is well worth it. The second thing is gold teeth. Your dentist can make these for you if you want to spend a few hundred dollars. If not, try Friendly Plastic Pellets. You can mold them to your teeth and then paint them with something nontoxic. If they have trouble staying on, add denture adhesive.

Here are some ideas to help you get started.

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