Comic Book Movies Popularity and The Influence On Our Culture

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Comic books have made a huge comeback in the entertainment industry. These movies sprouting from ink on the page to films, TV shows, video games and toys. They have been published in the United States for almost a century, but they didn’t become popular until 1940s after Superman and Batman were introduced. Now, more than 6 decades later, they have become staples of summer movie season. These types of movies have now taken over the Cineplex, reaching beyond their targeted fan base and establishing themselves as the best movies of our generation. What is it about comic books that have made them so popular? In order to understand the present, we need to understand the past.

The History of Comic Book Films

As with any other mediums, movies have a history of evolving. Each and everything from storytelling, visual effects and music adapt to the dynamic of ever changing trends. Comic book films are no different. As the very first comic strips were featuring in newspapers, the Lumiere brothers were busy filming factory employees and the trains pulling into stations. However, as these movies became popular, comic strips experienced a slow growth. Comic books made their debut in early 30s, and Flash Gordon became one of the very first comic books to hit the market.

The First Comic Book Film

Comic Book Movies Popularity and The Influence On Our Culture

In 1936, Universal Studio then turned Flash Gordon into a film. While there are an infinite number of comic movies that predate Flash, Flash Gordon is among first movies based on the comic book. What followed next was a large production of a wide range of comic books that finally lured comic book historians to classify them based on their birthday. Today, comic book films are very popular and their acclaim is due to the talented people who create them. The astounding imagery found in them triggers the viewers’ imagination.

The influence of comic industry on our culture

The impact that comic book industry have had in the world is greater than the effect the world has had on them. They have made a huge impact on popular culture in recent times. A decade ago, these movies were considered the lowest form of art. They were denounced by many parents, teachers, and religious men as they argued that they influenced young minds in a bad way. Today, they grab the attention of cultural critics as well as scholars of art history. The message that they try to put across is not bad as it was once thought.

Comic movies are appreciated by a vast majority of the world’s population and it is easy to see why. Prominent figures like the Transformers, Fantastic Four, X-Men, G.I. Joe, Watchmen, Spider Man, Batman, Superman among other superheroes, whose primary goal is to rescue the world from the hands of evil villains, have delighted movie lovers of all age groups. While Superman, Spiderman, Batman, and other enemies of wickedness still command a substantial viewership, today’s comic book producers are also inspired by matters related to alienation and loneliness.

Political Views and Comics

These movies are also used to express political views. For instance, in Brian K. Vaughan’s comic book series, the Vaughan described the Republican Party and the peoples of Israel in a less positive light than the Americans and the Democrats. In his book, he also satirized the feminists, depicting them from a negative stand point. In addition to inspiring political viewpoint, they also teach viewers, young and old, the disparity between right and wrong. They inspire viewers to do what is right, to put other people’s interests before theirs, and to always help out.

The popularity of Comic Book Films

Comic book films have popularized comic book genre. In the past, if you loved comic books and wore superhero t-shirts, you were branded a nerd. Today, comics are popular among most college clichés. Superhero shirts are worn openly by almost everyone. This boost in popularity is attributed to the rise of comic book movies as well as a popular TV show known as The Big Bang Theory, which features characters wearing superhero shirts.

Behind a successful comic book movie there is a comic book artist who worked tirelessly to bring viewers a ground-breaking movie. It is therefore important to acknowledge the comic artists who first created these characters as without them, the super heroes that we have grown to adore wouldn’t have existed.

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