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Street Fighter is definitely one of the most popular fighting video game series in the world and, apparently, game fans are not the only ones who love it, as many cosplayers from all over the world choose to dress like Cammy, one of the main characters of this game. And honestly, who does not love her long, blond hair and her feminine, yet extremely determined attitude? This combination is enough to help any cosplayer create fascinating costume presentations and win cosplay contests easily.

Create Your Own Cammy Cosplay Costume

Do you consider yourself a real fan of Street Fighter game? If yes, then cosplaying represents an excellent opportunity to bring originality to your costume and become an authentic appearance among other cosplayers. Creating your very own fantasy life for a day is not at all difficult – her original outfit does not include a large variety of items and, therefore, your effort and financial investment will be minimal.

As you might already know, Cammy wears a green which reveals perfectly her legs and butt, along with a red bonnet, fingerless gloves and blue boots. Practically, you will only need a few items in order to design the costume we will help you make adequate choices in this regard and create an impressive presentation that can help you win any contest.

Design Your Green Cammy Costume

Let’s start at the beginning: the green costume. An important part of Cammy cosplay attire. You will find a large variety of similar clothing items in stores like eBay and you can actually purchase them individually, if you prefer. However, you should be very attentive to one very important aspect: most costumes do not include green, as Cammy’s original outfit does, but turquoise or even blue, which will never make you look authentic. Before taking a decision, you should make sure the costume is green and not any other color. Of course, you can always choose to purchase this part of Cammy’s costume alone, without other items included. This investment should not cost you more than $45, but the price range might be higher, so opt specifically for the option that is more convenient for you.

Red Gloves Are Mandatory!

The red gloves are an important part of Cammy’s original outfit and fortunately, many online retailers will offer you the excellent possibility to purchase them in return for varied prices, which will not exceed $29 – a valuable acquisition that will help you complete your heart stopping costume. If you do not afford this investment, you should know that any pair of red, faux leather gloves will do this job for you and you only have to cut their fingers in order to obtain a look that is similar to her’s.

Boots Play A Major Role

Regarding the boots, well, things get easier here, primarily because you can opt for any boots you wish unless you want to purchase the ones included within your getup. The average price of these boots does not exceed $50.00, so you will be able to afford this investment easily. We suggest you opting for regular boots instead, mainly because your look will get a personal touch and their look might be much more original than any other option. In addition, you will be able to spend your money in a way that presents more advantages for you.

What About The Red Bonnet?

What about the red bonnet as part of the outfit? You have two major options: you can purchase the original bonnet worn by Cammy, yeah right, or can you opt for any other red bonnet you can find in online stores. Both options are appropriate, as your investment will be almost the same and there will be no difference between them in terms of money. eBay will offer you the opportunity to spend only as much as you can, so do not worry in this regard.

Complete Your Costume With Adequate Hairstyle

Your costume cannot be complete as long as you do not have an adequate hairstyle and we recommend you either to purchase a blond wig and arrange it exactly like her’s or simply dye your hair. If you prefer the second option, but you do not want to endanger your hair’s health or destroy its cuticles, the most suitable option you have is opting for semi-permanent dye or colored hairspray. Apart from being less expensive, you will be able to eliminate the color after you wash your hair once or twice and regain your natural hair shade. You need to part your hair in the middle and make two long pigtails – place one of them on your left side and let the other one fall on your back.

Add A Personal Touch With A Few Cosmetics

Most Cammy cosplayers opt for applying a few cosmetics for a added touch of originality and you can also do the same thing if you consider it necessary. We suggest you to stick to a natural make-up style that combines only simple, neutral colors that will match your character’s attitude perfectly. The right sequence of applying make-up products is primer – foundation that fits your skin tone perfectly – eye primer – eye shadow – eye-liner – mascara – blush – lipstick. The most appropriate way to combine these cosmetics is flattering their colors and shades accurately, so stick to colors like chocolate brown, ivory, white, brown, linden green or even black for the eye shadow; choose black for the eye-liner; add a tint of pink or coral to your cheekbones with a small quantity of blush and complete your look with a pink or neutral lipstick. You surely own most of these products and fortunately, you do not need to be extremely experienced with applying make-up in order to obtain the look you actually expect. If you are looking for characters that require more elaborate makeup, we suggest you take a look at Mad Moxxi, or Poison Ivy.

It Is All About Presentation

Never forget your presentation, as this part is the second most important one when it comes to cosplay contests. A good option is combining the soundtrack of the Street Fighter movie (which is based on the original video game series) and a few actions or gestures that are specific to Cammy – for instance, a few fight actions or gestures will be enough to complete your presentation. Try to act as normally as you can and get into your character’s personality – cosplay involves acting, so leave any other thoughts alone and focus on being Cammy.

Here are some ideas to help you get started.

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