Brony Costume Ideas

Bronies have taken the cosplay world by storm. From cosplayers dressed in a rainbow dash costume to My Little Pony Spike costumes are becoming more common at cosplay events. As more cosplayers become bronies, and more bronies become cosplayers, the pony costume becomes more of a discussion. This topic has become incredibly popular theme in the costume playing community.

Creating A Brony Costume

If you are looking to start cosplaying My Little Pony here’s something to keep in mind – My Little Pony fabric could be one of the most (if not the most) important factor when creating your costume. The fabric sets the stage for the entire costume. Texture, color, flexibility are all important factors when creating any great costume.


Texture – Find something that feels great to the touch and plush to give off that fuzzy, fluffy, huggable, cozy feeling. Also remember to take in to consideration temperature. You don’t want something that will be too hot to wear. You are creating a costume not an oven. Let’s not forget the most important factor – breathing. Make sure you can breath and fresh air can circulate.


Color – Everyone knows (My Little Pony fan or not) what these characters look like. When choosing the color for your fabric it’s really totally up to you. Most My Little Pony characters are pinks, and purples, but you can choose any color you like. Ponies come in many different colors (some are more common than others). You can choose a common color or be original, maybe even create a new character. The choice is up to you.


Flexibility – you want to choose a fabric that will work well for motion and structure. Something that’s easy to move around in but still keeps its form.

Pony Fan But Not Cosplaying

 If you really aren’t ready to be a full blown brony and dress in full costume you could still show your support in other ways and still be part of this fan base. Check out this cool online brony t shirt shop. They offer a large selection of brony t shirts. Also take a look at these My Little Pony sweat shirts to keep you warm and still show your inner brony.

Not sure if you are a true brony? Take the “are you a brony quiz” to test your pony knowledge.

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