Anime Character Might Be One Of The Favorite For Cosplayers

Anime has become a very popular art among anime fans and, apparently, its popularity is increasing more and more by the day. There are numerous costumes one can opt for, as there are hundreds of anime series and, of course, many characters available, each of them having different outfits and looks. In most cases, anime cos-players fans take part in various contests, presenting their characters through a short performance that involves both music and theatrical representations.

If you intend to dress like an anime character, but you do not have many ideas in mind, we are here to offer you a few valuable tips to consider, as well as characters and anime series to opt for. Never forget that, no matter what character you choose, presentation is essential, so bear this in mind before proceeding to creating your anime costume.

Your Preferences Are Primordial To Anime Costume

First things first, your own preferences are an important aspect to consider for anime cosplay – you might like action anime series, like Bleach, or you might be a fan of romance animes, like Kaichou wa Maid-sama. As most reputable cosplayers from all over the world, you should stick specifically to the main character of your favorite anime – for instance, Ichigo Kurosaki is the main character of Bleach, while Misaki Ayuzawa is the main character of Kaichou wa Maid-sama. You should know that choosing the main character will help you create a nice and engaging presentation, which will increase your chances of winning the contest.

Popular Anime Characters Are Recommended

If you are looking for the most famous anime costumes, you should know that Vampire Knight’s Kaname Kuran and Zero Kiryu are a very great option for you, because these characters are considered “attractive” by most anime fans from all over the world. The most difficult thing is creating the appropriate costumes, because these characters include a large number of details, each of them forming an extraordinary outfit that makes them unique. According to many cosplayers, it might take you a few days in order to design the appropriate anime cosplay costumes and, if you do not have appropriate knowledge or experience, this time span will double. Of course, you are always free to opt for buying the cosplay costumes in question, but this would not involve so much fun as creating them by your own does. You will surely be able to find many retailers that commercialize such outfits, but do not expect low prices or too many discounts, because these outfits are usually expensive and they demand a solid financial situation. For this reason, creating your very own anime costume is a better choice, because you will have the satisfaction of being the designer and, why not, the winner of the contest.

Femininity, A Great Chance To Win A Cosplaying Contest

If you like female characters, Yukari “Caroline” Hayasaka from Paradise Kiss will definitely be a suitable choice, especially because you will be able to dress like an character and become a feminine appearance at the same time. Here is one of the most popular Russian cosplay costumes of Yukari: Click here. As you can see, the outfit is extremely simple, featuring Yukari’s popular outfit, along with black, curly hair, a faux leather belt and white heels. If you prefer Kuroshitsuji’s Madam Red, it will be very difficult for you to create the costume, but the real truth is that you need only a red dress, a red hat and a pair of black gloves – here is Madam Red cosplayed by a Romanian anime fan at Nijikon, a popular anime fans convention from Romania that takes place annually: Click here. The outfit is pretty complex, featuring a red dress with ruffles, black gloves, a red hat with black feather and, of course, Madam Red’s famous red hair. With ambition and dedication, you will definitely manage to obtain a great cosplay costume that will surely win the contest. If you are looking for something less complex try cosplaying Misty.

Choosing Other Anime Characters

However, many contests features various characters from many other anime series, including Rosario Vampire, Heart no Kuni no Alice, Sailor Moon, Pokemon and even Death Note, including some of the most popular characters from the world. Naruto and Sasuke are two characters that are frequently cosplayed by fans, mostly because Naruto is the most popular anime in the world, featuring thousands of episodes and a huge number of characters, as well.

Presentation Is Art

Even though it might be very simple to design such costumes, the most important part is presentation – as long as you do not have an adequate pose, you will not manage to impress the judges of the contest and, therefore, you will not win it. As mentioned before, you will need to combine both music and theatrical representation in order to create a good presentation, so you will have to make a wise choice first of all. We advise you to opt specifically for the original anime soundtracks (OST) specific to your character – you will find a great number of different music songs, so choose the one you like most.

Regarding the theatrical representation, the most appropriate way to impress both the judges and the public is choosing a few gestures, actions or words your character does or says frequently within the specific anime series. A good combination between all of them is preferably, because sometimes, it might not be enough just acting or talking. For instance, Ikuto from Shugo Chara! Plays the violin, while Naruto or other characters that belong to this anime series fight using different incantations and uses of their chakras. You need to find your character’s most representative action and reproduce it as accurately as you can.

Be Original

You can always inspire your costume or performance from other cosplayers’ from all over the world, but try to avoid similarities and make your outfit and entire posture as original as you can. Sometimes, originality is an aspect that matters at a great deal when it comes to cosplay, because there are many anime fans who dress in the same characters all the time. Bring novelty to your costume and opt for a less popular anime series, so nobody else can actually think about cosplaying one of the characters that belongs to it.

Here are some ideas to help you get started.

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