About Us

Cosplay has become a very popular performance art among anime and manga fans, which involves wearing costumes that present different characters from various anime series, including Kuroshitsuji, Naruto, Bleach and many others. We know how complicated it might be for you to find valuable information regarding cosplay and this is why we have created this website – here, you will be able to find detailed information regarding an extensive variety of topics about cosplay, along with tips, advice and recommendations regarding the costumes, sewing techniques, make-up, etc.

We Help You Create Your Very Own Costume

As you might already know, there are many costumes you can opt for and you are free to decide whether to purchase them from different online stores or to create them yourself. Our website specializes in cosplay and costume creation, as we have collected only the most significant information that comes from top cosplayers from all over the world and we reworded it so it brings novelty and adequate details about how to sew the costumes, what fabrics to use, etc.

Creating your own cosplay costume is definitely a complicated task that will require skills and experience, but we consider ambition an important value as well, which can help you achieve the results you expect. Thereby, even though you are not the most skilled sewer, we will offer you information about sewing techniques, different fabrics and their uses, along with different difficulty levels for each of them.

Not Sure What Costume To Choose?

Are you unsure regarding what cosplay costume to choose? Fortunately, we are here to offer you exactly the information you need, along with the best costumes you can choose, based on your skills or preferences. We know that you might be a loyal fan of Kuroshitsuji or other anime series and this is why we have prepared special how-to tutorials for you, which will present you all the possibilities you have when opting for the right cosplay costume, one by one.

We Help You Complete Your Outfit With Adequate Make-up And Hairstyle Ideas

Of course, your outfit is not the only important aspect to consider when cosplaying a certain anime character – your entire look will define it, thereby you need to choose an adequate hairstyle and make-up, and so you can complete your physical appearance and make your costume more realistic. You will never be Amu from Shugo Chara! as long as you do not have your rebellious make-up on and a black-and-red bow in your hair – we will be here to inspire you with the most appropriate make-up styles for each character you might choose, along with other recommendations or advice for certain success.

Want To Take Part In A Cosplay Event?

Are you looking for a cosplay event in your area, but you cannot find it? Our website will help you find exactly the event you want, providing you with the chance to book tickets and take part in the cosplay contests. Whether it is about Europe, United States or Japan itself, we are extremely well informed and always prepared to share our knowledge with you.

With us, cosplay will surely become a great performance art you will enjoy even more than before, so start informing yourself and become a master of this magnificent art!