Japanese toys and increasing popularity

Japanese toys and increasing popularity

The toy market worldwide is no doubt flooded with Japanese toys. The toys dominate the list of modern toys that are very popular. So of the most popular modern toys include, Power Rangers action figures, Pokémon trading cards, the game consoles, Tamagotchi virtual pet and many others. These toys are not only bestselling toys in […]

Brony Costume Ideas

brony costume

Bronies have taken the cosplay world by storm. From cosplayers dressed in a rainbow dash costume to My Little Pony Spike costumes are becoming more common at cosplay events. As more cosplayers become bronies, and more bronies become cosplayers, the pony costume becomes more of a discussion. This topic has become incredibly popular theme in […]

Look At The Bombshell Girls From The Cosplying World And How They Do It

Cosplay Girls

Cosplay has surely captivate thousands of anime, manga and video games fans from all over the world, determining them to dress like the characters they love most and take part in numerous competitions with relevant presentations and amazing prestations. Among them, girls are the most remarkable presences, as they have been bringing novelty to these […]

Cammy Cosplay Costume

Cammy Cosplay

Street Fighter is definitely one of the most popular fighting video game series in the world and, apparently, game fans are not the only ones who love it, as many cosplayers from all over the world choose to dress like Cammy, one of the main characters of this game. And honestly, who does not love […]

Poison Ivy Cosplay

Poison Ivy Cosplay

Everyone loves Batman comic books and Poison Ivy is surely one of the most popular female villains that have ever appeared within these series. Her mystifying look, poisonous kiss and exotic look are the best combination for any cosplay fan who takes part in different competitions, as this character has an original outfit that has […]